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About Us

WeWaParty Fun for All

Parties are where people relax and have fun, there are many elements making the parties happen, like decorations and food. 

Fun for All

WeWaParty is upholding the value of “Fun for All”, spreading love and fun to low-income families and supporting charities with good causes.


WeWaParty is an e-commerce platform specializing in party goods. We have everything you need for a party, from balloons to party delights.


You can shop all party supplies at one glaze, all filtered by your specific requirements, and ship to your door at no time. While shopping for your loved ones, our clients and vendors are also giving love to those in need too.

Same Missions

We believe linking vendors with the same missions, and clients, WeWaParty is going to be the first online platform that people turn to when hosting a party.