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Multipurpose Spaces, Party Rooms, Studio $500.00 - $800.00

Main studio / Event room at Diptych Studio

122 John Street, 2nd Floor Studio, Toronto

Popular event space of 6000sq/ft indoor and 3000sq/ft private access rooftop included. Big beautiful vintage windows, bright work-lighting as well as intimate dimmable lighting. Complete custom configuration of the space also with coloured lights for up-lighting walls, furniture/decor, incredible for taking photo’s professionally or casually, the value of our space can’t be compared honestly… 🙂

Studio Features:

-Staff that are off-site but on-call for any accommodational assistance when needed
-Situated on John Street, between the subway and Queen and Spadina intersection, with ample parking immediately located!
-Reception waiting area at entrance
-Heating and A/C
-Kitchen and bathrooms
-40 stacking chairs, custom antique wooden beam bench on castors, 3 large modern leather couches and chairs
-**professional studio lighting packages including photography strobes (with stands and high-end softboxes)
-20 4ft LED light bars, with optional colour gels custom cut to fit in seamlessly giving some versatile video style lighting! (**INCLUDED WITH LIGHTING PACKAGE STATED ABOVE**)
-Several additional stands (including backdrop stands)
-Currently we have 15 different coloured seamless *paper backdrops (white, black, medium blue, grey, olive, beige, yellow, green, pink, purple, red, orange, and brown) ***$5 CHARGE PER FOOT*** for whatever amount is on the floor being stepped on or marked from usage which require cutting off…
-Complete hair & mua area
-Projector (ceiling mounted)
-Steamer, rolling racks, hangers, fans, stools, mirrors
-Tons of plants and other decor items to use as background or whatnot if desired
-Sandbags, ample ac extension cords, you name it
-Cordial management always striving to give the highest possible value to any clientAZ





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